Speech vs Actions: Can You See Who The Real Haters Are?

Speech vs Actions: Can You See Who The Real Haters Are?

When we read or listen to the words and voices of those who are part of the Progressive Movement, we see and hear about love, peace, democracy, respect, equality and a whole basket full of good stuff like that. But After Trump’s victory, we can see that this basket has some not so good stuff in it.

Right after the numbers showed that the victory was out of reach for Mrs. Clinton, the democratic leftist went to the streets screaming: “not my president”. Democracy is great when it suits their agenda.

These extreme peaceful people who voted for Hillary also displayed for those who voted for Trump who they are by assaulting and beaten then up on the street. They are not so peaceful when they fail.

Lots of love and respect has also being shown these days by the radical mob. You can see people say that President Elected Donald J. Trump should die and his wife, Melany Trump, raped. As you can see women who are not Democrats do not deserve any respect, and some like Trump, should die.


These show exactly who the real haters are!

Those who can’t see the difference between words and actions should look for a doctor!

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