Are Siberian Cats Safe With President Trump? NO!

Guys, I’ve never been so scared in my life before!
Just can’t stop thinking about that guy in the White House for the next four, maybe eight years.
What is going to happen to us, Siberian-American cats?
I’ve been thinking about going back to my grandpa’s Siberia, in Russia, where we really have democracy and freedom with President Putin. But my humans, they are Brazilians and wouldn’t survive…

Venting … Another Visit to the Veterinary!

Hi guys,

I know that I promised to write about my Brazilian family in this post, but something happened and I need to vent.
Yesterday, when they put me into my carrier, I thought we were going out for a walk and enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon in South Carolina.Another Visit to the Veterinary
I found that despite leaving in a cage, at least would get some sun as they do with those fascists, Nazis, and cat phobic dogs. I’ve had up to here with this race of cocky rulers of the four-legged world.

My Mommy and Daddy.

Hi folks on the web, today I want to present you my feline family: Mommy, Sibano Karamel Kisses and Daddy Cartier Alexei Romanov. Beautiful family isn’t it true! I don’t have pictures of my little brothers, they adopted other families and we lost contact, too bad! But I assure you that they are as beautiful and cute like me.
From mommy, I learned to give kisses, sweet kisses that earned her the name of Karamel Kisses. They say I’m more like mommy, but I think it’s just for still being baby and not having daddy’s big body, but I’m eating well enough to get that imposing appearance of a Siberia’s big cat czar.