Venting … Another Visit to the Veterinary!

Venting … Another Visit to the Veterinary!

Hi guys,

I know that I promised to write about my Brazilian family in this post, but something happened and I need to vent.

Yesterday, when they put me into my carrier, I thought we were going out for a walk and enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon in South Carolina.Another Visit to the Veterinary (3)

I found that despite leaving in a cage, at least would get some sun as they do with those fascists, Nazis and cat phobic dogs. I’ve had up to here with this race of cocky rulers of the four-legged world.

Bitter mistake it was another visit to the veterinary in Travelers Rest…

Another Visit to the Veterinary (4)When I get there, I felt as if I were loved: they are all smiling; they pat me; hug me; offer a snack. But then, you see its all deception to screw you!

After that, things only get worse. It all begins when will weigh me, which I do not like. What do these people have to do with my weight? This is a particular thing mine and mine alone. But this is nothing close to what would come after.

They took one such thing that looked like a sausage, but held an edge like a bee sting and stabbed me with that not once but twice, put a few drops in my mouth, of one such Homeopathy, I do not know what it was, but I know it was not fish oil.

Another Visit to the Veterinary (5)When it seemed that everything was over, they grabbed me from behind with that f*%$@&* thermometer and put it into my a*$! They are such cowards, two big women came two to hold me, if it was “mano-a-mano” I’d beat her anytime!

What’s wrong with this woman? I think she’s attached to the anal stage as Freud said, the problem is that she’s fixed in my a*$!

My folks are super cool, but I don’t understand why they take me to that damn veterinary.

If you’ve been through the same at least once in your life, make comment, like the post, share it. Together we can stop this humiliation imposed on us. Supporters are also welcome to the movement.

Another Visit to the Veterinary (1)

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